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Navionics Gold charts vs NauticPath Great Lakes Map


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Has any one used the NauticPath USA map for lake Ontario? And if so does it have bottom depth readings out to the middle of the lake (beyond 5 to 10 mile) or just inside 5 miles. I would also like to here what type of maps you use for the Oaks area. I am looking at the gold X14g map from Navionics but I also have the hot map 2008 that covers a lot of the eastern basin But I don't know if it covers the Oak area I know it doesn't go to the bar so I'm just wondering what everyone uses. Sorry if this is confusing :roll: I'm trying to save me some cash on buying all the maps I need If my hot map covers most of the area then I don't have to spend $200 bucks on a map just for the bar area. Thank in advance

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Hey Erin,

I'm not sure if you've bought a new GPS yet, but you might want to look into the new Humminbird NVB series of GPS/Plotters. They come with a ton of Navionics Gold AND Hotmaps Premium charts pre-loaded on them. If you're still looking for a new GPS that might save you some $$. I've seen their 5" screen size NVB model for about $690 online.

Here's a list of the charts that comes with the NVB models:

HotMaps Regions Included:

* HotMaps Premium North

* HotMaps Premium South

* HotMaps Premium East

* HotMaps Premium West

Gold Regions Included:

East Great Lakes

Northeast US and Canyons

Mid Atantic US and Canyons

Southeast US/Bahamosa

Gulf of Mexico

West Coast (Hawaii not included)

South Alaska

Northwest Alaska/Aleutains

West Great Lakes

Northern US Rivers

Southern US Rivers

I just ordered a 955c NVB for my boat.

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Thanks billy I havn't got one yet but am looking at the 5200 from lowrance for about $450 I already have the hot map 2007 but like I have said the chip doesn't show the whole lake so I'm looking at the oak area to see if the 2007 chip covers that area

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When I was at bass pro this weekend we played with all the chips they had and the only chip that showed the Lake O topo was the Navionics Gold. Now im sure if it shows the bar it would show the rest of the lake, but don't quote me.

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YT Your right I know it does but it's another $200 on top of the $150 spent on the 2007 chip so I trying to be CHEAP but it looks like I won't be able to :evil: How was the chip did it show good details of the bottom or what? Is it somethiong that you would buy if you were looking for a map?

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Yeah, no other chip showed me contour lines. So, yeah it was nice. Not that the lines mean a whole lot most of the time becasue we open water fish a lot, but it will be nice for following the bar in the spring or fishing shoals for browns (yeah like I do that).

I picked up a apair of Eagel 500c's for $175 a piece brand new in the box.

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I just bought the NauticPath USA chip .off of the internet the chip covers all of the east and west coastal waters including the Great Lakes, it gives depth readings the same as the NARVONICS gold chip and you only need one chip. LEI sells it for $109 v. $199 for the narvonics . i would check it out before you buy to see for your self.

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