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Lets see your Riggs.....


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99 wellcraft 290 coastal,picked her up in september,not only our fishing platform,but our home for the summer.mike at mikes marina in mexico,ny is doing some work on her over the winter to transform her into a trolling rig and i will finish her off come spring time.



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Trophy 2860. All I had to replace was stringers, transom, engine, outdrive, electronics , upholstery and paint. Other than that it was ready to go. Lol

I love your way of thinking I was in you same shoes, this year hopefully will be my year to fish instead of work. There wasn't a one square inch that doesn't have my finger print on it somewhere!! It takes a lot perseverance to keep going but we do!!

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Thanks... ya can't beat walleye fishing off the cost of Kelleys Island on Lake Erie in May. .. it's a blast!

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Now stop it, springs a long ways away yet. But I will say we went out of Port Clinton for 5 years. I will say that area was the closest fishing I ever had to our Canadian trips in the early 80's. The eyes are much bigger than the Canadian fish, and I will say it was the closest thing to the fast and furious fishing that Canada offers. We left the dock at 6:00am and were back at 11:30am with a 6 man ticket. It was just awesome!!

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