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Guest Icekimo

March 6, 2008 - Lake Simcoe Whitefish on fire

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Guest Icekimo

We started out at 7am treking up to our hotspot on simcoe, meeting Sauce up there, HT_Hammer, LRGmouth, PooPoo and myself started out to our spot in 108 fow, on our way out, we met a friendly gentleman named Ricky, who didn't know the area that well, no prob dude.. follow us, we'll put you on to some fish...was nice to meet you out there today buds! but you left right before they turned on! /omg so did HT_Hammer /lol , the condtions was awsome. crunchy solid ice at the area we was fishing, not a slush puddle anywhere, we did see a few spots that had slush pockets from the previous days, but frozen solid by the time we got out there, there are a few 1-2 foot drifts but everywhere is mostly flat with a little snow on top.

Ricky had a 10" Jiffy power auger on him so he offered to drill us some holes.. excellent! was a whole new experience today fishing with huge holes rather than our tiny 6" holes.. i actually dropped my icerod holder down the hole (but caught it back up a hour later) /lol Sauce arrived and started off the day with a nice size and only Laker we saw/marked and caught that day! He followed through with a nice fat 22" Whitefish 20 mins later, HT_Hammer and Sauce had to fish about 50 ft away from us since we had 2000 watts of LX-5 and 400watts of FL-18 pounding area.. Sauce FL-8 will do alright by the FL-18 but not with the LX-5.. the IR and unit power is just too primitive to handle interference, and HT_Hammer had a Lowrance Ice Machine which is just as worst, both of them going to upgrade to a LX-5 or FL-20 next year anyways..


PooPoo than followed through with a nice 23" whitefish on a hook+minnow setup he pulled off the bottom on the vexilar ,Ricky was being a gentleman ready with his gaff, but we advised him we don't gaff our fish, just in case as we tend to release the monsters



A little while later PooPoo has another one on, he pulls up a smaller whitefish.. we kept making fun of it calling it a herring so he released it.. caught on hook+minnow


Would be about noon now, great! time for lunch.. we fried up some whitefish and laketrout i had left from my previous catches so we fried them up in some cajun fish crisp.. delicious! after we finished eating, LRGmouth pulls up a nice size Whitie

action shot.. he was using a #8 red owner hook dual rigged on a egg sinker setup...baited with a minnow


good job!


after that it got a little slow, Ricky and HT_Hammer left and only us 4 left on the ice.. they caught a few herrings in the morning time but left right before the fish turned on.. Peter has one on, 10 mins after the boys vanished from the ice... yet again.. he's on fire today /evil

action shot


look at that rod bend! ultra-lights was a must have today, the bite was so light and fast you could not feel it, only flasher zoom and rod tip watching for the snaps to set the hook worked. I never talk about the amount of fish we miss on hook sets and fish lost cause they don't count unless iced! /lol


Team work.. nice size one 21"


Sauce & PooPoo


I finally got my break near the end of the day pulling up this fat 22" whitefish , damn LRGmouth.. i thought i was gonna /skunked today


LRGmouth shortly later on pulls up another whitefish and yes 22" again! looks like we stepped on a good size school, most of the whitefish we caught had all their fins intact.. notice the tip-up in the background.. no good today, didn't catch a thing on those today.. all fish were caught on dead sticks and live bait sticks that we slightly jigged


Next fish would be a surprise to us all.. I caught a golden color whitefish or yellow whitefish as some would call them.. i have seen reports of these being caught in previous years, whats up with the gold tint? are they like those rare blue tint walleys people catch in the Kawartha's?


Peter and Sauce ends the day catching, and losing fish.. Peter hooks into something huge that's peeling his line out, but he was ruffing the fish in and the line broke.. Sauce ends up catching a whitie at the end of the day limiting out with the rest of us and 1 laker..

Close up of the golden whitefish


Limit out, good day on the ice guys!


Team Marcum!


Rods we used today was a mix of avid and premier ultra light St.Croix ice rods, on Berkley 6lb and 4lb florocarbon, .as well as a Bell Ultra Light Rod, wiith red owner #8 hooks. Equipment consist of Marcum LX-5, Vexilar FL-18 and FL-8 flashers, Lowarance Ice Machine, Clamcorp fishtrap Guide, The Clam® Chair . 10" Jiffy power auger, 6" nomark fin-bore III hand auger.. I was throwing all type of different things today just to wet those lures and try out different stuff, as we have been marking and catching all day i shot down almost everything in the box just only to get a look and off they went to poopoo's or LRGmouth's rod. The whitefish bite was all on #8 red owner hooks rigged slightly different ways, LRGmouth had a dual hook rigg, I had a single hook and Poopoo did well on a single hook and egg sinker setup, Sauce's laker was caught on a gold Lure we code named the E-bomber which has been doing quite well this year...

great day out on the ice today guys, was glad you guys pulled me out of bed this morning.. if you like to read more of our adventures or from members of my site, come by and hang out with us at http://www.kawarthaanglers.com

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Great Pics Icekimo! You guys really look like you had a blast out there. Keep up the great work!

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Guest Icekimo

Thanks guys, always fun to share some great times.. they are just turning on up here and sadly the season is ending on the 15th :( then its pure perching until my clam sinks or driving 2+ hours up north to lakes that are open year round.

Tomorrow's a nice day to be out on Simcoe, hope to get another "Hot" report for you all

cheers - Ice

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