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What's up with prices at Gander Mountain?

Trout Bum

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Gander Mountain owns Cabela's stores.

Actually this again is an untrue statement.


Gander mt and Cabelas go way back in time, and at the present the only transaction that ever took place between these 2 entities is the fact that Gander MT sold their catalog to Cabelas and in that agreement was a no compete clause in 1996. Then in 2007, Gander won a lawsuit against Cabelas that basically was Cabelas trying to shut down internet sales, Gander won that decision as online and magazine sales is not viewed as the same thing. 


Gander mt. was publicly traded as well at one time but the new CEO and his family (Who I can't remember his name) owns Holiday Gas stores (mostly midwest). They completed a private takeover bought all the stock and made the company 100% private and turned the cash over and bought Overtons based out of North Carolina. Thus the boating gear in a bigger selection.


Cabelas is still publicly traded and 100% separate from Gander other than a few ongoing lawsuits that are still awaiting some final rulings.  

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This topic is blowing my mind. I cant find anything I need at gander or dicks. I am lucky enough to travel for work, so i get to cabelas often. I would have to drive over four states to buy the things we use every trip. On line is the only way to find quality gear for lake O.

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When I question the sales people at all the big box sporting goods stores about a lure that is in demand locally, the answers are the same everywhere. "We have no input into the lures on sale there. Purchasing is done by some unknown deity somewhere in the corporate ladder who apparently has no local demand knowledge."

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