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is every one ready for turkey season :lol:

Cant wait!  Going to be a great season.  Going to throw the last breast from last year in the smoker this weekend. 

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This was a post about water temps at the bar. In case you forgot. Best highjack ever. A hangover on the lake is when high winds blow the day or night before. Some mornings with five mph south wind the lake is still rough and it seems like 1 to 2 footers are comin at you from all direction. Can be a tough bite as well as uncomfortable.

Thanks for the lesson baitrigger. We,re committed so we,ll get tossed around a bit. Gonna run 3 ways with meat and drag some white tubes across the bar. Don't know if theres browns close in to troll for with sticks but we,ll try it all till we,re too bruised. Thanks.

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For me, coming from north central vermont to Olcott is about 470 miles one way. I do it for the Kings. 


Unlike Champlain, Ontario also grows big Browns and Steelhead. Its a thrill to catch a trout over five pounds  ...champlain has trouble growing bigger Atlantics, bigger steelhead  and very few browns get caught. However, I would not go to Ontario to catch bigger of these trout if the Kings were not there.


On Champlain in the spring fishing (trolling) near shore , one may catch a couple of three pound brown trout in a day. So the incredible catch rate of over five pound browns on Ontario seems  out of this world and makes me wonder how it is possible so many browns thrive so dense  in there.


In any case, the King is the iceing on the cake. 


For people who like to fish, a few charters a year is a lot cheaper and better cost deal than acquiring the boat, the equipment, the operating cost, maintenance , insurances and so on that having your own basic 18 footer requires.  So, Captains hopefully can provide what really is a cheap days fishing comparatively , and catch fish for their customers.  


Fish on.


Mike P.

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