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Little boat fishing big!


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Made the maiden voyage of the season on Sebago Lake here in Maine. Went 2 for 3 on landlocks in 37° water trolling sewn smelt on sinking fly lines off big boards.

Still way too cold and the smelt run which fuels the salmon and togue fishery is just starting. Large schools of bait just out a ways but nothing entering the river.

Anyway, the little boat fished great! This year's mods proved to be excellent. Thanks to some good suggestions from my previous posts on here, I moved my planer board setup to the launcher frame and positioned the reels crosswise.

I love the Burts reels and pulleys!!

Having the new setup allows me to reel the boards up and out of the water without having to lean out and lift them by hand. The reels are smooth and fast. No more mother line slipping off the pulley and jambing like my Cannons did.


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Looks good Dukdog......careful now, you may NEED a bigger boat with all the goodies now...hehehe

I'll be splashing mine this Sat on Winni for a shakedown....can't wait

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