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Kevin J Legg

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Bluegills are suspending over and in the weed in 3-12 fow. Some will hit poppers on surface but many want something down a few feet. The problem is the big ones are mixed with many smaller ones so a lot of sorting is required to get the real big ones. You can easily see them and the big ones are definitely more selective. With patients and experimenting very large ones are attainable.

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With the flyrod, try a small streamer rather than the nymph...U can put a very light-hook tied small streamer as a dropper a couple of feet or so down below a popper. Pretty much the same with an ultra light spinning rig, using a very small (1 inch or so) grubtail or swimbait with or without the smallest jighhead owned, also beneath a flyrod popper. This has worked for me on schooled, feeding mixed size 'gills. With an occasional crappie or so that seem to find themselves in with the gills......

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