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Sandy Creek Thursday Morning

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Well, I finally got my boat, "Gumpy II" out to troll Lake Ontario.  Took my neighbor Bruce and put in around 7AM at Sandy Creek launch and headed to 100FOW.  Lots of bait pods and some decent hooks near the bottom.... Had a release off the ball that was 90 foot down in 100FOW on a NBK yellow chartreuse... Turned out to be a laker... Decided to get into 200-250FOW...Surface temp dropped rather quickly from 54 degrees to 49 degrees in that area.... Marked an occasional fish and then BAM! Another release on the 90 ball with the NBK...Bruce grabbed the rod and this time the fish was screaming...Turned out to be a 18 lb King.... What a way to start the trolling season.... Stayed in those waters and picked up two small Kings on a purple fly off a pearl and white spin doctor and ended the day with a nice eating size steelhead that hit a dolphin prism NK that was on a cheater leader on the ball that was set at 60.... Outboard got a bit finicky so decided to call it quits around 10:30AM...What a gorgeous day.... Pops






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