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Fair haven 6/21 Surprise Brown

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Went out last night with mom and dad to do some bass fishing. We were trolling two bombers one on each side and a deep diving fire tiger rapala down the middle. Started trolling in 12 FOW and when we hit 16 FOW the center rod bends almost in half ( ultralight ugly stick) and I see a decent fish jumping immediatly. I grab the rod adjust the drag and hand it to mom. I'm thinking we hit a steelie. After a long fight it's close to the boat and I get a back shot of it and All I see is dark so now I'm thinking it's a king. After another 5 minutes we get it close again and I see now it's a brown. After almost 15-20 minute fight ( ultra light tackle spinning gear) we were able to out a net under him. Dad didn't have a scale in his boat but I am guessing 12-13lbs. A great fish on light gear.

Btw.... Not a single bass but it didn't matter post-144505-14034662634171_thumb.jpg

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