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frustrated with site

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I have not been able to download the app for months so finally I get to download the tap to talk app...

now when I hit the button that says open in the app...

it says that this forum is not available in the app!!

I am so fed up with not being able to get into the site on my android samsung...without having to go on the web and into the site that way and you all know how difficult that is when your fishing.

the only other way I get in is through my email if somebody posted something. I do everything on my dumb phone now and it's impossible to get the app to work let alone being user-friendly (I want EASY) I don't need something I'm going to have to go through 10 million steps just to get online so maybe someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Big sigh. .

thx in advance..

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Yeah Ray just graduated from the two tin cans and a string recently. He got the flip phone from Fred Flintstone (it is just like mine) :lol:

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We have to get it (pickin) in now...Ray will pay us back soon from the Keys. Pics of all the white stuff (sand) 80 degrees and....broken monitors, trips to eye doctors, and such from his speedo shots...

Cent frum my notso smart fone

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that was bobs idea of raising cane...er i mean walking stick..yea he landed 2 nice browns and they stopped him at the door..were banned for life... now...I told him not to put em down his pants still alive ..The security saw his trousers flopping and they knew their was to much action for a old man...Oh well he was happy while they were flopping tho.If he would of just left all would of been well but he kept trolling the womens section trying to impress the ladies.

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