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Big bay Oneida access on foot?


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I'm looking for an access point for my first time on big bay. Today I fished out of Oneida shores county park launch only landing one small perch I released to catch another day. Everyone I spoke to on the ice seemed to be having a slow day as well. I'm looking to go to big bay but cannot find any access points on a map. I heard there's a bar you can pay for parking and I also heard there's some sort of drainage pipe owned by the town that people access. Anyone know the name of the bar or address to one of these access points? I just started ice fishing and heard big bay can get crowded on the weekends but can also produce some nice panfish so I want to try it out tomorrow if the weather is manageable. Thanks for any help or suggestions for an ice newbie.

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turn on kellar rd off of rte 37.  kangaroo storage $3 parking.  you walk down the rd near where you park, walk by the bar, and go in-between some houses down a slight hill and there's the drain pipe and you will see the mob fishing out there

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