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In my opinion it's not safe for machines yet.Last Sunday I made it out to 53' on foot spudded the whole way. 90% was great 12" plus. 8% iffy 2% I wouldn't walk on.Shoves all the way out to about 50' smooth after that but the ice at 53' was only about 4" of white.I would think with the snow cover it hasn't gotten better.I am going for another hike in the morning will report what I find.But if your crazy ivan you are welcome to blaze a trail for me.

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Hey yes I did get out, fished around that area and we did well, a bit over 100 in 2 days...landed 2 true jumbos, lots of good ones and %30-40 were typical smaller Erie perch.  Thank you....atvs tried hard to get out today and couldn't make it, snow is deep and there are bad slush spots.   Sled is pretty much the only option as of now                                                                           a buddy of mine fished it wed and thur    this is his report to me  :yes:  :yes:

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