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2015 A-TOM-MIK Challenge Results

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Congrats to all the winners, tough fishing and a BT fest for those who chose to pound the shallow's


Tournament Stats:

-6 teams with limits out of 52

-Less than 10 Kings weighed in

-4 Rainbows weighed

-1 DQ

-Lots of healthy BT's in the 5-10 lbs class



Thanks to all for coming out


Top 3 teams pictured from left to right Thunderstruck's team with Mark Bukowski (2nd), Eddie Monette & Hunter's Cannonball Runner Team (1st) and Primetime with Pete Lahosky and John Wilbur (3rd)



Big Brown of event was team A-TOM-MIK with a 15.8, Pictured Kelly Burger and SSB with her 14.00 from the day
Biggest Salmon was taken by team Deprived (Youth) with a 20.25 lb King
1-Cannonball Runner 110.85  (6 fish weighed)
2-Thunderstruck 106.85  (6 fish weighed)
3-Primetime 104.90  (6 fish weighed)
4-A-TOM-MIK 96.10  (5 fish weighed)
5-Horsin’ Around 95.15 (6 fish weighed)
6-High Adventure 92.60 (5 fish weighed)
7-Thinkin’ Big 84.70 (6 fish weighed)
8-Dirty Goose 80.55 (5 fish weighed)
9-Hot Pursuit Two 76.05 (4 fish weighed)
10-Screamer/A-TOM-MIK 70.20 (4 fish weighed)
11-Dixie Dandy 62.65 (4 fish weighed)
12-Angling Addict 60.80
13-Troubleshooter 51.25
14-Tall Tails 48.85
15-Salmon Tracker 48.45
16-Blue Eyed Lady 47.65
17-Strong to Quite Strong 45.15
18-Missfitt 43.30
19-Smashmouth 39.60
20-Cruz Control 35.35
21-Instedda Wurkin’ 33.20
22-Dirty Worm 31.00
23-Deprived 30.25
24-All Out/DA 29.50
25-Hot Wires 29.30
26-Liquid Plumber 28.55
27-Cold Steel 22.8
28-Sammy Dog II 18.65
29-Aquaholix 15.25
30-U See It 14.00
31-Seaducktion 13.55
Time Fly’s 0
Warship 0
Team Buffa 0
Backlash 0
Wakemeister 0
Broad Horizons 0
Bobber Buoy 0
On the Lam 0
Proteus 0
Grey Fox 0
Wild Catch 0
Hotliner 0
Fish Nutz 0
Going Deep 0
Rippin’ Line 0
Shawn Canton 0
5 More Minutes 0
Flash 5 0
TK Charters 0
Praying Mantis 0
Dirty Work 0
Edited by A-TOM-MIK

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What are the dates?

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Thanks to Team A-TOM-MIK for another well organized event and a great time.  Thanks again TOM!!!!!


Congrats to Steph and Kelly on their brown trout. Nice job ladies!

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