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Decided to get away from the swarm of boats out in front of Bronte and head east to an area that looked good earlier in the week.  Setup on a really nice scumline with tons of bait in 150-170fow.


There was also some extreme currents at depth with good temps, seemed like a good mix of variables to entice a beast.  And it did...just the wrong type, picked up a decent Laker.


Also a small king about 4lbs.  As the sun set I slid in a bit shallower as the temps were still decent, but didn't move a rod.


Back out tonight.


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4 lbs, BBQ size. Cedar plank and you're all set.

Agreed, but getting home at 10pm on a weeknight the last thing I want to do is clean a fish lol


Rarely keep anything for this reason, but occasionally I'll take a cooler out filled with ice and go find some ho's and bo's...just not during the GOSD hehe

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If I go out with the intent to keep a one or two fish for the smoker or bbq I will bring ice as you indicated and just do a quick field dressing of the fish. I cut under the gill plates to drain the blood and make a slit from gills to vent to remove the guts. Those 4 lb fish are perfect for that and I usually call them sandwich size. I drag them by the tail in the water for a few minutes and then pack them with the ice. Its similar to a commercial packing plan as it preserves the meat without a whole production of preparing fillets immediately. You can maintain them by repacking with more ice if you can't do the actual filleting until the next evening. 

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