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Recommendations for a Matthew's/Mission Archery Technician

Jolly II

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I've got a Mission Archery bow that I bought from Phil Race at Indian Mountain Archery before he closed up shop, he was a great guy and a great bow technician too. 


Now I need to have new strring, cables and silencers, and the bow tuned, and I'm looking for recommandations on where to take it.  I live in Bergen, so west side of Rochester is best, but I'd drive to the east side if I needed to.


Thanks in advance!!!


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Hunter's Landing in Batavia, Wayne Merit is the head bowtech there, known him for 20+ years. He has sold me a couple Matthews bows, he is as knowledgeable as they come. I will not bring my bow anywhere else.


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Tom at Traditions Archery in Henrietta can help you. I was impressed with their skill and operation last year when I got my son a Mission Riot for his first Bow. Very well set up bow and great people. I too have a Phil Race set up Mathews and Traditions is my new shop.   -Tank

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