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Sold / Closed 1999 Lund 21' Fisherman

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Nice looking boat. As far as top speed goes, my 90hp Evinrude (1986 model) pushes my 19ft aluminum Sea Nymph center console at 32 MPH (on the GPS) loaded with four 200+ lb adults and all fishing gear. I have no idea if the prop pitch is the factory prop or not, but maybe that is the difference in some top speed. I've seen on other forums that people with the same boat and motor as mine are getting 38 MPH. My boat dry weight is 1450 with both motors (15hp and 90hp).


Good luck with the sale, and congrats on the 27ft boat.

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Thanks Todd, The Prop does play a part for sure! This boat has a 4 Blade Stainless Prop. The Spare Prop is a 3 Blade 


Asking a question about your prop will help give this a bump, if she hasn't sold yet, so... What is the diameter and pitch of your 4 blade and 3 blade props? Having a little more speed on the big lake would be nice if I were trying to get back to shore in an emergency situation. My 3 blade is 13.25x17.

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