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Northern Bird Extravaganza

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We went up north to Potsdam area to hunt birds from Thursday to Saturday. What a great time.


Thursday morning we hunted in some wicked weather and shot 21 mallards and 3 geese.

Friday morning we shot an 8 man limit of geese by 8:30.

Friday afternoon we hunted upper an lower lakes and had 14 grouse and woodcock flushes in 2 hours, and even managed to bag 2 grouse and a woodcock.

Saturday morning we hunted ducks again and shot 5 mallards 2 blacks and a woodie (all drakes).


What an awesome little trip with some great friends and even better dogs. Got some younger kids into their first ducks and geese (after this weeks success id say their hooked for sure). That's what its all about.





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I seen i one of your pictures wire mesh to start your blind. Ive done the same for the boat .

Im using 4x4 foot sections with some heavy wire running vertically to help stiffen it up and using spring clamps that I

tie strapped to the mesh and clip it over the rail of my jon boat ,easy on easy off .

I dont plan on leaving it attached to the boat while going down the road or while fishing or out in the weather when Im not huntin.

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