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Wanted Big Jon Planer Mast Pedestal Seat Mount - Planer Boards

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Anyone have one of these laying around?  

I've never actually seen one but if they'll fit in Atwood 2 3/8" bases, I'd like to buy one.

I'm still looking to buy a set of used Aurora Lites or Great Lakes Tackle Shop Plastic boards too.


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I think it was discontinued. I have one on my big jon mast, it fits perfect in a Springfield base. Not sure if that's the same as Atwood or not.

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You're right Steely they are no longer available. Just thought somebody might have one they'd turn loose of.

I'm not familiar with The Springfield base. Is it tapered? Do you know what diameter pedestal it accepts?

The atwood is straight and accepts 2 3/8" pedestals.

I called Big Jon. If I send them what I have, they'll custom make me a mount for around $65.

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I put a couple of picts in another posting here that shows how i adapted my front Atwood seat post to be able to mount my planer mast in to. This whole project cost less than $15.00 and a little of my time.

If I can answer any questions give me a PM

 My post and picts are in this post 

Planner mast mounting

 in Tackle and Techniques

 Boat Safe


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