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Angler Diary Studies. Your Participation is Valuable

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I am particularly asking for musky anglers to participate in the Angle Diary Study for Waneta and Lamoka lakes but this message can apply to all diary studies that the DEC is conducting throughout the state. You can check with regional offices for the water that you fish to see if they are conducting a study on those bodies of water. Diary studies are a very valuable tool for the DEC and also for participants.


In 2013 Brad Hammers, DEC Region 8 Senior Aquatic Biologist came to one of our Muskies Inc, Chapter 69 meetings. We invited him because we wanted to do what we could to help with the management of the muskie fishery in Waneta and Lamoka Lakes. We heard that he was interested in starting an angler diary study specifically for the purpose of gathering valuable information from musky anglers that would help them better monitor and manage musky population there and we wanted to help him get it going.


There has been a very modest amount of participation. In 2014, 12 diaries were handed out 7 were returned at the end of the season. In 2015, 13 diaries were mailed out but only 5 were returned. I know some may not have been returned because the angler fished with another participant and you can only log a trip in one diary. But weather that is the case or maybe you didn't fish there that year, you should still return it with a note in the postage paid envelope they send to you.


The Waneta/Lamoka study is in danger of being discontinued if they don't get more participation.


I am now asking for your help to keep this important program going.


If you fish for muskies in these lakes, even if it is only one or two days per year, please consider participating in the diary study. It is simple and easy. You only need to log the date, time started, time finished, target species, # of anglers, species and length of each fish caught and fin clip info. To participate, you only need to call the Region 8 office at 585-226-2466 to request a diary. You can also ask about other waters such as Conesus Lake. For waters in other regions, call that regional office.




1) Assessment of growth rate, year class survival rate and natural reproduction percent (from size and fin clip info)

2) Angler success rate

3) Angler utilization. This is important to justify money spent for stocking and other management activities. Especially when Albany is looking for places to cut expenses.

4) Long term data over many years helps them to spot trends that can help better understand and manage the dynamics of the fishery as well as plan for the future.

5) All of these benefits will hopefully help to shape up the quality of the musky fishing opportunities in Waneta Lake and Lamoka Lake as well.


I know there are a lot more than 13 anglers fishing for muskies in Waneta and Lamoka Lakes. This is one of the most important things you can do to give back to the fishery besides becoming involved in Muskies Inc. and other groups or helping with stocking or habitat projects.

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I just got my Waneta and Lamoka Lakes angler diary and results from 2016 back from Region 8 DEC. I want to thank those of you who participated in the angler diary study last year and for that matter, all who have participated in angler diary studies across the state. We all need to do what we can to help keep our NY fisheries healthy. The information is valuable to the DEC biologists in many ways. The diary study is easy to do and the feedback you will get on the results is reward enough for the little bit of time it takes to fill out the diary.


For those of you who fish Waneta and Lamoka and have not yet participated, I urge you to do so, even if you only fish there one or two days of the year. See below for info to order a diary. The more data there is in the study, the better. The program is in danger of being terminated if participation doesn't increase. The diaries also support the Region 8 case for continuing stocking in Waneta.


Also, since the trap net survey the DEC conducted this May that included Lamoka Lake, did not turn up any muskies in Lamoka Lake, any documented proof of muskies there will help with their current evaluation in consideration of a possible new stocking program in Lamoka.


The preliminary trap netting results for Waneta Lake was good. And even though the diary study only returned 6 angler results, the catch rates and size results were better than the previous two years of the program.




Please consider joining the Diary Club. I know there are a lot more of you who fish these waters.


Good luck this weekend and this year and, of course, please handle your muskies carefully.







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