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I grew up on Lake Michigan and we use to night fish all the time. It was a normal thing done out there.

Since fishing Lake Ontario I have never done it and I don't ever see boats out there doing it.

I know some guys do it for walleyes along some parts of the lake.

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Last summer We tried our hand at it we had a great evening so we decided just to fish into the night we were running 6 rods 2 rigger 2 dipsy 1 copper 1 leadcore we decided it was best to keep it simple and run 2 riggers in the night before we had a chance to pull any rods we were locked we decided wed fish till we had no lines left in the water every lure we had out fired the only pattern "if it dont glow it dont Go". I am a firm believer in the night bite now we ended the evening/night fish with 8 kings and a rainbow for a 4hour fish.

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