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Seneca 5-14-16

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Had a little free time Saturday morning so decided to get the Iron Duke rigged up with all her gear last night and Josh and I headed to Seneca at the crack of dawn... We arrived at Sampson with the flags showing steady south east wind and looking like it might be a bit bumpy but wasn't to bad at all.. We did some bouncing around looking in different spots getting ready for derby weekend.. Our divers and riggers started out hot with a Steady pick of Lakers on the Iron Duke A10 Fly and the Iron Duke Green Pearl Killa Fly then slowed down a bit until we had a good rip on a 200 Copper pulling a FLT Spoon and we got a beautiful little bow to the boat.. Think we ended up calling it a morning around 10:30 going 9 for 9 and a great shakedown for my boat and everything working the way it's suppose to.. Looking forward to the derby . We are Staying at Sampson this year for derby and can't wait to see you all there



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