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Prof T

Take that, scallops

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I tried this last night with some Oneida ‘eyes and some bacon from a pig that a friend raised. A little Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce on top. Heavenly!!!!!   Thanks for posting this



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That plate looks fit for a king!! I know I made them on a few of our trips to Erie, but I did them in my deep fryer in peanut oil, the guys loved them. The first I found out about them was a fly in Canadian trip we took. I saw the French man digging through the bucket after us and other guys  cleaned their fish. So I watched this guy do this then I asked him what are you going to do with those pieces?? He couldn’t speak English but he understood what I was saying. Later that even he come over to our cabin with these pieces they had a thicker piece of bacon cut in a square and toothpicks holding the bacon on. AAH HAA we said they were delicious!! From then on we saved the cheek meat. Looks good I’ll be over later on:lol:  Thanks for posting!! PAP.

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That's exactly how I do them fishack. A light coating of sweet baby rays and onto the grill.

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Next time I’m going to add water chestnut slice for crunch as suggested earlier on thread. Yummy!!!!   Looks like I’m done with Oneida eyes for the ice season Reeleyz. Good luck if you get out this weekend

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