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double headers rods popping and all that is visually addictive


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Hey guys,


Il keep it short... im Dan and i like filming stuff.


I work as a deck hand on moby nick fishing charters.


heres some videos from this season so far starting with my most recent stuff:


double headers all over


Big dipsey rips


straight rods popping... and stuff


Scotty king of kings tournament action clip


Chinook Salmon tagging program


Lazy Spring Lake trout


thanks for checking my stuff out,



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     Love the videos!  Awesome.

I saw on one of the first videos that you released a fish by trailing it behind the boat on some sort of a rope.  That looked really slick.  Could you share how you do that ?  We have been struggling with release techniques.  We pretty much release everything but want to make sure the fish survives to fight another day.  Thanks for any guidance on your techniques.


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