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Richard Bullen

Retired Firefighter

Disabled Veteran

General Layabout

3 sons married 33 years, coupla taclke boxes with stuff I don't know how to use. Starcraft 16ft 2 manual downriggers 2 trollin poles few Lkae Tackles coupla flies spoons and a few lake size stick baits. Feel pretty weird asking people I never met Where to Go.

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Local Store has Fused relay boxes for adding items 8 or 12 or twenty seperate fused relays for whatever you want to add tell me if it's something your interested in say how many fuses and i have 20 ft each red and black. Then someday it's raining hell thats rare we can drink some coffee and figure out where you want what.

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Welcome to the site Rich! Sit back and relax and make yourself at home - this is a great place to learn and find out the latest about what is going on out there on the big O.



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