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Ruff Rider Live Sodus Report 24 July 2016

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Well, we have been up all weekend, but between preparing for next week's Salmon Slam and the nasty wind we have had, we haven't gotten out yet. The forecast for tomorrow looks good though.

Reports have been mixed with temps down deep, but up higher in 250fow. Kings are around, but still not in great numbers. The evening bite has been better than the morning bite, likely due to the full moon.

We have added a new pink pole to our boat (as well as 3 other boats) for a bit of a side bet... we hope to live stream a lot of it tomorrow on the Lake Ontario Fishing - Ruff Rider facebook page, but will also post a video here afterward as well.


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Mike got me pretty good that time :lol:  Yeah that is what I caught that winning brown on Mike....my Barbie pole :) Still waiting to see how Nick runs it with the 300 copper on it before setting mine up :lol:

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Reminds me of our experience last fall when we rigged up an Automatic Fisherman ice rod and landed several coho and a 20 lb king on it!!

**Some explicit lyrics**


Good times!! Let's see what Barbie can do!!

Haha awesome!

I have a feeling that if a 20lb king hits this thing, it will just implode :)

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