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Yankee @ the Oak the last few weekends = slow

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I haven't been posting much from the Oak the last few weekends. The fishing has been tough most of August. The Salmon on the inside have lock jaw, the fish offshore are small for the most part, and the Brown Trout are hit or miss. Afternoons seem to be more productive than mornings. Below is a quick run down of the last two weeks for us, and some fish P**N.


8/19 - Went offshore in the morning. Picked a few fish mostly small, but we did grab a 27lb Salmon out there on the 34N line. 





8/19 - Went offshore for our afternoon trip. Slow pick but everyone on the boat handled a fish or two. We grabbed a 25lb Salmon out there that really made the trip.





8/20 - Slow morning for us. We went 2/4 on the inside looking for 3 KOTO fish. Familiar Bite took both fish.





8/20 - On the afternoon trip we went off shore. 14 bites in 3 hours and then we had a wicked storm come off land. We had to chug into the worst storm I've ever been through for 12 miles.





8/21 - We waited for some storms to blow through. We knew it was gonna blow up, so we stayed inside and picked on the BT. Best spoon was a Stinger Frost Bite.





8/27 - Tough morning. We hit one mature inside, and went 4/7 offshore.









8/27 - Stayed inside and picked on the BT for our afternoon trip. We got on the BT pretty good. 2 triples! Biggest was 14lbs that hit a Lyman plug on a 200' A-TOM-MIK copper. We actually hit a triple on BT with an A-TOM-MIK fly, a Stinger, and a Lyman.











8/28 - Slow morning. 1 mature and 2 BT landed. A few missed shots. We stayed inside the whole morning hoping the Salmon or BT fired up, but they never did.




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Saw you guys out there a couple times. Had similar experiences with widely scattered pods of fish on this , that and then the other. Still had a good time, after all one big fish here and there is enough anyway.

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