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Hit the pond for a few hrs of ME time this morning.

Fished from Selkirk north and settled in to 60 to 75 fow. Pretty dismal screen but I managed to hit 2 Cohos and about a 7lb Brown all colored up and feisty.

First Coho came out of 72 deg water, 90 ft of the wire out on a Mountain dew chip with green fly over 65 fow and #2 took a green chip with green fly off the rigger down 70 over 75 fow. Brown took an Orange Stinger w black Ladder back down 50 over 60 fow.

Thats a wrap for 2016.


Good fishing to all that remain on the Lake.



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Went 0 for 2 Sunday afternoon, between the river and Selkirk, fished from 1 pm to 2:30 first one hit the rock star 35 down over 42 ft of water. Spit the hook about 50 ft behind the boat. Second hit came on blue and silver j plug 30 ft down over 40 ft of water. When he saw the net he darted straight towards the bottom, snapped the rod in half ! Was able to reel him in with what was left of the rod. He chewed the hooks off while I was trying to net him. Not an easy task fishing solo with no autopilot !!

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3 for 3 Sunday morning. Fished from 6:30 until noon. 50-80 fow from Selkirk to just north of the river. 2 came on a 175 copper with flasher/fly the other on a 125 dipsy on a 3 1/2 setting with  flasher/fly. Didn't mark much but they were there.

Total Chaos

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