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Got out to the swamp this a.m , man did them birds decoy mint . 1 was so close going to the left side of the spread i took the head clean off. Couldn't get a odd duck for my full limit, but what a day. Had a flock of 50 mallards ball in hard . It's nice when u see the birds ignore everyone else and just drop in to say hi !!!! What a kick a$$ season so far. post-160085-14806184855472_thumb.jpg

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Not a lot of birds around on the SLR or Eastern end of the Lake. Hunted near Gallo Island yesterday and only got 3 buffies, 1 gadwall, and 1 whistler. Saw mallards, broadbills, whistlers, Oldsquaws, swans, gees and gadwall but not in any great numbers. Also checked out around Fox and Grenadier Islands and no big rafts seen. Hope some birds move in before season ends.

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was on Slr last sat of season, waddington area , sucked real bad, only saw a few ducks around , nothing helped us out

but a couple of geese my son shot. very few geese to , only saw one big flock over canada late morning.

I heard it was slow going on the river weeks prior to , but I couldnt make it up.

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