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I have 4 big Jon riggers that were 100 percent serviced this past year- 2 pro tournament models (motors less than a year on them) and 2 captains pack models (older motors but pull 12lb balls no problem). Older frames but have all new wiring switches fuses and boom blocks. All 4 have swivel bases and 2 of the 4 have the quick disconnect swivel bases. All 4 riggers come with dual rod holders on each one.

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Yes sir. NickR has 2 I have the other 2. Looking to sell all 4. Nick had big Jon update the boom blocks and service the bases put the HD motor on it and has brand new switch, fuse, wiring.. I bought NickR's boat and got 2 riggers he has the other 2. 2 are HD the others are standard. Correct me if I'm wrong nicky

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