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Hard to believe the river was wide open a month ago and now looking out toward Canada there is ice as far as the eye can see. With cold nights forecast for the next week I don't think boats will have access and I certainly wouldn't trust the ice. Hope the perch are around when the ice decides to leaves.IMG_1490028318.073053.thumb.jpg.11babec84fb8699120754e680c1886c0.jpg
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Kevin it seemed weird to see all the ice we drove all over sat. checking things out LOI had open spots in middle no one fishing, eel bay was also a spot that had open water there was three brave souls fishing. I didn't talk to any one though to see how the bite was then went to krings was shocked to see how far out toward the channel was froze . I would think if we could get some sun and some 40 degree days that ice will go quick. I went to paynes with a spud yesterday just to see how much ice there not good. First 2 inches crust snow 4 to 5 inches of slush and water one a good wack through 1 to 1 1/2 black ice not worth it.

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