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Cayuga 4-23-17

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Club tournament got cancelled due to water conditions on Seneca so a few boats from the club headed over to Cayuga instead to get some fishing in on what was going to be a beautiful day.. Launched out of Deans and didn't go to far before setting up shop.. We ran 2 divers 2 riggers 2 top lines 2 cores and 2 coppers.. We immediately get into some good salmon including one that hit a Golden Boy Fly and pulled a bit of drag on the wire dipsy then once he was near net range made a run under the boat and was gone definitely a 9 + lb fish but hey you can't land them all.. We settled in shallow with 3 nice Atlantics 2 coming on Bellis Tackle UV mixed veggie spoon and the other on a Bellis Tackle watermelon spoon.. Bellis Tackle Spoons not only catch the fisherman's eye but put them on the deck too, if you don't have some you better get some... We moved out deep to see if we could get a laker program going and shortly after sending the divers and riggers down to the marks the Golden Boy , UV Wild Child and Off Suit Flies behind spin doctors and flashers started hooking up with some real nice Lakers and continued to bring them to the boat the rest of the morning.. Ended up with a pretty healthy box of fish with many also returned to the lake to fight another day.. Overall great day on the water and can't wait to get out again
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Great post and nice photos Mike!
We fished a little North of Dean's and had similar results with the only variation being a brown off of a gobie imitation spoon on a cheater. The group of guys we had fishing turned in very similar totals but Mike forgot to mention that he bested us all. Next time bud! Nice fishing!

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50 minutes ago, stoneam2006 said:

Awesome thank you iron duke and girocks for asking the questions I too appreciate all you being willing to share info hopefully I can share some this weekend

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What day are you fishing


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