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Oh man...go to a niagara musky association meeting. Those guys can get you on track for there. Trolling cranks or jigging tubes.


Thats a delicate, natural fishery. Those guys are rightfully protective of the water and fishery.


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The minimum legal size is 54" in the Niagara River. That is because it is a natural fishery, and it is important to protect the fish in the system to maintain the future of the fishery. A few dead adult females can actually have an impact. Even with the quick strike rig, there is a better chance of injuring or killing a musky than with artificial musky baits, especially if you don't pay close attention to the rig at all times. Therefore, using live bait rigs are generally considered to be dangerous to the fish and not recommended for the Niagara River since almost all muskies caught there must be released. Beyond that, the majority of muskies anglers are opposed to using live bait for muskies anywhere. Even with artificial baits, it is important to use the right tackle, tools and catch and release practices to minimize the possibility of causing mortality after the catch.

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Changed artificial bait to live bait in this sentence. Beyond that, the majority of muskies anglers are opposed to using live bait for muskies anywhere.
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Unless your from Wisconsin where the history of soaking suckers is old as the wind and still widely used today as the best way to catch a fall fatty in their opinion out there.


Idk if the majority are against it as 1000s of anglers will be having meat hanging off their boat so idk how this can be said but it's funny those same live bait anglers frown upon trolling. Certain areas of the country fish certain ways so no way to say most r against it as only know how our region feels.


We just don't have that strong of a traditional live bait mentality even though reading history about Chautauqua makes it seem that the Ole commercial fisherman used live bait almost exclusively but those were catch n kill days for profit.

Be responsible , do a lil research about live baiting and do your best bud.



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