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Owasco Silvers!!!!!!!!!!

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Took a buddy out this morning hit the silvers good, it's the time of year. Cores and copper on fire !  Good morning,  4 for 5 on good bows, 1 small brown, 1 good high laker, and a couple small mouth. Fish on boys!!!!!! Back on the water after a month long hiatus!!!!!!







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Got to be patient for silvers.......bites are fewer than in the laker zone.......run high all above 40. Adjust your core and copper to 40 and above and get them on boards away from the boat. Small spoons in greens and yellows doing it for me......again be patient, fished over an hour before the first bite, but when you find them reduce your set up to a minimal spread and turn and burn.......keep going through it  cause there is usually more than one and they will be aggressive till they move on out of your gps path.

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We fished yesterday (8/20) until the rec boaters got bad around noon. We got about a few Lakers on green flashers and flies on dipsy  down about 100' or so. First time using my wire dipsy setups. Fished straight down the middle of the lake. Got a few Silvers on GLT 44's around mid- lake before it was too hard with the rec boaters around. Got this big boy in the picture waiting to go the smoker this morning for my lunch today. 


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