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for sale : usa Are You Looking For A New Gun Safe??

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Are you looking to buy a new gun safe?  If so please read on.  I do not have one for sale.  I am NOT affiliated in any way with Liberty Gun Safes, but i feel obligated to tell you this story.


In December 2014 my home burned to the ground.  No sympathies please, we are over it.  In my home was a Liberty Gun Safe with 17 guns in it, along with many important papers.  After the fire was out and I was allowed to enter what was left I was unable to open the safe due to severe damage.  I located a locksmith and he was able to drill through the side of the safe and get it open.  Everything in the safe was OK but very wet.  Some of the papers had singe marks, some scopes suffered some damage, and the rubber pads on the gun butts suffered some damage as well.  BUT everything in the safe was saved.


Now why am I telling you this?  Here is the best part.  


After rebuilding our home I needed a new safe.  I went to Liberty's website and began checking out the new lineup.  I noticed a tab on the site that was named "Warranty".  I clicked on the tab and discovered that if your Liberty safe is damaged by fire or theft Liberty will replace (or repair) it FREE!!!!  I called Liberty and discovered that this warranty is for real!!  I was told I needed three things:


1) A picture of the damaged safe.  That was easy, we had many pictures from our burned home.

2)  I had to have registered it when I bought it.  I did!!  And the person from Liberty provided me with my registration number.

3)  I needed verification from the insurance company that they did not already cover it in my policy.  I had a letter from my insurer stating that my losses exceeded my coverage for "contents".


I sent the three items above to Liberty and had a voucher for a FREE safe within 2 weeks.  I took the voucher to Gander Mountain and after a little checking I was given a new safe. FREE.


I tell people this story each December.  I am sure other companies would do the same but I was simply astonished by Liberty's warranty.


Good luck with whatever safe you buy.

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That’s awesome!! The free safe, not the fire!! Sorry you had that happen!!  Still some great companies out there if you do a little research!!!

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