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Bushy Tails


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Got out for one of my favorite post-deer season activities today. First time hunting them with a handgun and my first kills with a handgun! Could have easily had my limit but was holding out for the black squirrel I had missed first thing. I’ll be back out a few times, squirrel breakfast sausage on the way!! 


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Congrats there Dawsonscreek that’s pretty freaken cool!!! My buddy has a 222 rem. barrel for his. He went with us predator hunting and we left him shoot the greys and the reds when they came in. 

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Thinking about getting one of these.  See them quite a bit. What caliber and pellets do you use?  Get my kids into it when tgey get a little older. 

I use a 22 caliber cause its much quieter than the 177 caliber. The first pic of pellets with a bb in the end are the ones i have been using. I just found the plastic tipped ones that im about to sight in with. 1514405704505.jpeg1514405725371.jpeg

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