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Jake sarnicola

Anyone ever built a hard top

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Make sure it is strong enough to tow down the highway at sixty five mph. Canvas tops are taken down for high speed running and towing.

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Talked about making one for my Sylvan offshore and was told by a few boat builders you need to consider how much weight and force the hard top would be and the buoyancy and stability of the boat. Alot of boats have ballast in the bottom to compensate for this. Also the connection points where the top mounts to gunnels and how much strength is there. I think a t top style with removable strataglass or eisnglass panels would be less likely to cause issues. Especially if the ttop is removable or folding down for travel on highways.

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I have a 1975 droumond yacht that I really wanted to build a hard top on..after looking at cost and work I decided to buy a 1991 Baha cruiser with a hard top on it.best decision I've ever made

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