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Dreams Come True Charters

My friend sold his boat. Tons of gear to sell. So Keep coming back.

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Posted (edited)

1) 6-8" flashers $48.00 plus ship.


3)12-8" flashers $72.00 plus ship.

4)12-8" flashers $72.00 plus ship.

5)11-8" flashers $66.00 plus ship.

6)11-8" flashers $66.00 plus ship.

7)14-8" flashers $84.00 plus ship.

8)14-8" flashers $84.00 plus ship.

9)12-11" flashers $108.00 plus ship.

10)9-11" flashers $81.00 plus ship.

11)21-8" flashers $168.00 plus ship. Brand new!

12)12-11" flashers $108.00 plus ship.

13)12-11" flashers $108.00 plus ship.

14)5-11" flashers $45.00 plus ship.

15)14-11" flashers $140.00 plus ship. Brand new!

16)11-11" flashers $99.00 plus ship. 

17)4-11" flashers $60.00 plus ship. Original Blue Angels!!

18)30pc. Salmon spoons new $150.00 plus shipping

20)19pc Stinger Stingray Spoons New $114.00


21)25pc. Evil eye spoons $75.00 plus shipping

22)39pc. Brown Trout spoons new $156.00 plus shipping

23)12pc. Mag spoons new $60.00 plus shipping

24)29pc. Brown Trout spoons $87.00 plus shipping

25)42pc. Brown Trout spoons $126.00 plus shipping

26)9pc. Salmon spoons $27.00 plus shipping

27)28pc. Mag spoons new $84.00 plus shipping

28)35pc. Salmon spoons $105.00 plus shipping

29)39pc. Salmon spoons $117.00 plus shipping

30)40pc. NK28 spoons $150.00 plus shipping

31)26pc. Stinger spoons mix $104.00 plus shipping

32)35pc. NK28 Salmon spoons $175.00 plus shipping

Please contact me at 315-790-7412 please put down the number listing and name for each lot wanted. Thanks Rick





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Edited by Dreams Come True Charters
changes in numbers

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12 minutes ago, hookedupf7 said:

Wow that is some. Tackle collection!!!



Don't ever visit some people here in person of that wow's you.. you may have a heart attack

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Sold Boat or Tackle shop ?:lol:

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Posted (edited)

I’ll take the Michigan stingers if not gone already, is this the post that was up before?? If so then their sold but interested if not!!

forget it I see pay pal only, I don’t do pay pal, leaves a paper trail.

Edited by pap

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I would take i think #10 fish flasher if u can contact me 16132579608 thanks 

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