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The best transducer

Andre wallyandre

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A excellent video from Airmar and a striper charter capt.

Thanks for sharing this video. Wally and I had a couple of messages about a transducer for a new HDS7 I received yesterday. I was going to cheap out and buy a less expensive transducer as my unit did not come with one but after Wally’s message yesterday and this video I am going to leave the transducer that is on my boat for now as it will run the 7 and pickup an Airmar T-150 when I can find a good deal.
Thanks again.

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I had a Raymarine a65 Plotter with sounder module and an Airmar p58 ducer on my boat a while back.  Not the most expensive transducer.  I was expecting good things from the system.  It was definitely an upgrade from the Hummingbird that was on the boat.  Last year I switched to a Garmin display and chirp transducer and it blows the Airmar away

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