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Hello fellow fisherman’s Im on a three week trip from Arkansas I have been reading this forum and hope i can find some advice,i have spent a couple of days trying to find fish and so far i have that awfull skunk smell lingering on my boat..lol. I started in Gananoque and went east to the big bridge, have seen lots of marks but no bites so i figure im doing something wrong. If anyone wants to have a day on the water for a few tips I will supply the boat fuel and launch anywhere you say to go. I am after lakers and salmon and walleye, im using a 21 boston whaler with a live well. I’m hoping my Canadian fishing brothers will be able to help, i will go where you want even pick you up i just want to get on the fish but this task has proven to be way harder than i ever thought it would be.pm me if you are interested im ready to catch fish i just need a bit ....ok a lot of help..lol thanks in advance.

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Oh btw I’m located about 20 min from Kingston and have no problem going wherever anyone wants to launch.

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