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Pike in BRB/Henderson area

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My buddy has gotten all crazy to catch pike on a fly... He going to head up to my cottage for a visit. I was wondering where a good starting point would be for pike in the Black River Bay, Chaumont, Henderson area. What kind of water to look for? Any tips are greatly appreciated.   

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If you go out to the last red & green bouy in BRB, work your way over towards the north shore head towards the Perch River gotta stay away from shore pretty good and stay away from the mud flat soon you'll see a Weeping Willow tree from the tree to the bridge you should hammer the snot out of them if it's still the way it used to be. No one ventures up there got to watch your depth in that area up to the tree then just stay in the channel. If not that adventurous, stay in muskellounge bay lots of pick handles other area has trophy size pike.

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i haven't been there in a few years but used to fish for pike at the start of the season in Sodus Bay launching by the bridge from the bait shop and did really well using topwaters and subsurface lures along the weedlines and am sure you would connect often with deceivers or other pike flies.

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