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New to Site - Not to Salmon Fishing

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I'm retired and moved to the west side of Cleveland 4 years ago from Wisconsin. Been to Olcott twice in last 2 years and looking to come over again soon. I fish Erie multiple times a week for walleye, and would love to trade some walleye trips and/or intel for salmon trips/intel. I've fished Lake Michigan for over 20 years so I'm not a newbee to salmon fishing. 


I would appreciate hearing where there are some good places to launch from that would be relatively close to the Niagara Bar. (I have a 1800 Lund Tyee)


Thanks in advance for any help that members might provide.



David Bradley

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Welcome aboard. Where on Erie do you mostly fish?

Wilson bay. Tuscarora state park has the cheapest dock rentals that I’ve found, there 21 a night with electric and water.
There about 12 miles or so? from the bar by water.
The fishing out front of Wilson is on fire right now.

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Fishnut - thanks for your post and thanks for the information. I fish mainly from Avon Point to Huron (Vermilion and Lorain included), but fish the western basin (islands) in the late fall, winter and early spring, when weather/ice permits.

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