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Holy Cow! What a fishery!! Two of us fished Thursday evening, Friday A.M. and P.M. and Saturday A.M. We couldn't keep track of how many fish we caught the two mornings. (We guessed 16-20 while having another bunch of "swings and misses" as well as other fish that came unbuttoned. Had lots of help from Laurie B which helped immensely. Fished all magnum spoons. Several of the fish we cleaned had large (8+") alewives in their stomachs - thus the magnum spoons. Our best spoon, by far, was the Moonshine super glow - Natural Born Killer with the RV tape. (I don't know the actual name of the spoon.) The gal in the ASB (All in the Same Boat) tackle store in Newfane suggested it when I asked if she had any recommendations. I bought one and went back the following afternoon and bought 2 more. I was impressed with the store, so I grabbed a business card. Their number is 716 638-4258.


This morning, we started in 80 FOW straight out of the harbor. Lots of bait and fish on the sonar. Started fishing at 5:15. I dropped the NBK down to 50' on the rigger and while I was tightening the line on my reel, it took off. It was a 12# king. It was game on!


Laurie B convinced me to troll faster than I normally do. That made a big difference. I have a Depth Raider probe, and I tried to keep it around 2.3 - 2.4 mph. Depending on the current, my GPS speed was around 3.2-3.3 mph +/-. (For whatever reason, they manufactured the probe to run .4-.5 mph less than speed over water.) Riggers caught the majority of the fish, although dipsys were good at times. We also caught several on copper and lead core. We fished out to only 137 FOW this morning and then back in to 80 FOW. Water was warm, at the ball, but the bait was there and so were the salmon.


I've fished salmon in Lake Michigan for 24 years, this morning's bite was the best 2 hours of fishing I've ever experienced! We had planned to fish till 9:00 before heading back to Ohio, but at 7:00 we both decided, to catch one more fish each before heading in. We actually had caught all the fish we wanted to catch!


BTW - The fish cleaning station has been torn down. So most guys filleted fish on the water.


Good luck!


BTW - IMG-1992.thumb.JPG.db4342a41d418348f8e3e9a367937909.JPGIMG-2017.thumb.JPG.78d3d9f39eab0690c5bea542fc39655e.JPGIMG-2014.thumb.JPG.f16233ce6b0f586408292193ce9fe71b.JPG

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