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Was there from the 30th-3rd. We caught fish everyday but really couldn’t figure out a program. Our best water was from 100’-130’ Just east out of port. Meat down down deep caught all of our mature fish. Spoons definitely caught more fish though. Sick sick waddler being the mvp. Set lines anywhere from 45’ down to 90. Had 50 degrees around 70-75. We did pretty well with the 10 color with a gold 42nd spoon. Caught a few steelhead and a brown on that set up. Hope this helps a little.



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We had the worst trip ever. Boat over heated 2 miles out of the shoot. We drifted for 2 hours, while drifting we jigged up a nice brown. Finely got a tow back to the launch because when the boat overhead the coil went bad. So we ran to the boat shop and bought points, condenser, coil, and a new impeller. I installed all the new parts in my buddy’s boat and it still overheated. Back to the boat shop and bought a new cage for the impeller. Installed the new parts again. Back out the shoot and it overheated again. Made it back to the dock this time and loaded it on the trailer.

I have know idea what could be wrong with his boat. I checked the impeller shaft it’s not broke. Any ideas what it could be????????



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