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Owasco Brown's, small silver, and a big laker

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Back after a long hiatus. Hit the water looking for bows, laid out the coppers and cores, and a few riggers.......good news is the fleas are minimal......slow start then hit a flurry of 14-16 inch bows, looked to be all same year class, all came on cores......found a sweet spot and the copper fired with a nice brown, followed by another copper firing with another good brown........circled spot few mire times and only took small bows and browns, ........took a break, hit it again at around 5, had my son and his buddy working small ones then a shallow,  yes shallow rigger fires and my son's buddy was fighting a heavy fish for about 35 minutes......ended up being a beast of a laker.....(were was this guy during the tourney), anyway a great memory for him, and i had no net.......good times......fish are there......great screens produced nothing and blank screens took hits.......all in all great trip out.




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Hey Justin,  freed up now, baseball over, time to hit it with ya, was good to get back on the water.....i was in those browns when ya called.......keep me in the loop on that tiger.....got fish coming in and want to get that one going asap due to the size.......ih yeah.....small bows and some good double digit Lakers again today.


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