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for sale : usa (10) 4/0 rigs with 2 single Octupus hooks 50 lb fluro leader uv beads.

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Greg, can these be used as substitute for the treble and single hook combo that comes with flies?

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Yes they can. I use 4/0 singles and have better hookup ratio than I do with trebles.
Kings jaws get really hard this time of year.
It’s easer to drive a single hook.

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I'm going to give Greg an excellent review on this set up. We used them this past week with our flies and they are some of the sharpest hooks around. They had no problem penetrating the hard jaws of spawning Salmon this time of year and they held up very well. I couldn't believe how sharp they remained hook up after hook up and believe me I'm a stickler for sharp hooks! Our hookups were much better with this set up. We release 90 to 95 percent of the fish we catch and these hooks do a lot less damage to the fish unlike the trebles. I'm really sold on them. Just bought some more to stock up in case Greg stops making them. Lol. Great product:yes:

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