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Looking for a good marina with campsite in mexico area

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2018 was my first year on the big lake and absolutely enjoyed every min on it.  So I’m dedicating this winter to getting my boat 100% gear up for 2019.  To spend more time up there im thinking about buying a pull behind camper and finding a marina that i will be able to put the boat in a slip for the year and rent a campsite.  A guy told me about catfish creek but i want to look around and get some input of where a good safe place to keep the boat.  Especially after hearing guys having boats broken into last year and gear stolen.  Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

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Catfish Creek campground closed 2 years ago. I am at salmon country marina. they have boat slips on little salmon river with rv sites.  Give them a call to see if they have sites available. They are closed as of now until march. If you call Bob the owner, is in fla. but answers phone. I like it there, was in catfish camp and had to move to salmon country marina. They might have a site best to call asap 1-315-963-8049

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