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Keuka Outlet to Seneca

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I haven't fished it in quite a few years but there used to be some decent Spring fishing for rainbows from the mouth and toward the electric plant, holes near the bridge, up to the first waterfalls. They are in and out so it is sort of a matter of being lucky to be there at the right time or very frequent checking. The Keuka Outlet and section from first impassable falls (near Route #14) to the lake proper is closed to fishing until April 1st. There are also brown trout (some of them resident and some stocked) in the upper sections of the stream in the Spring and Summer. There used to be a couple good holes with many in the 12 to 18 inch range where the old hydroelectric plant (Mays MIlls?) turbines were (just parts of old foundation left). They are quite wary but they will take the small red (manure worms) on ultralight tackle.

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