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  1. There are recent posts on Seneca with good advice from people that know much more than me. I have noticed over the last few years that trolling through huge bait balls has been a waste of time for me. There are fish around the bait but I don’t catch many of them. I’ve had better luck looking for groups of fish in areas with less bait on the screen. There are days where it seems like bait is everywhere. I haven’t seen that as much this year. Also noticed that 10 or so years ago certain spoons or set ups worked consistently. Now I’m finding that cowbells work one day but not the next, pulling copper is not as consistent, silver fish are very hit or miss.
  2. A lot of bait so fishing is tough. Try changing technique if you aren’t catching fish. Others are figuring it out.
  3. I forgot this was a new fishing stream that nobody knows about. Sorry
  4. Just pay attention to rain and go explore. I haven’t had a lot of success on any tribs but when I have it mostly comes by timing creek conditions.
  5. Yeah I saw the trucks this spring on the stream on way down to PA and next day back. Article says Catharine Canal. Must be that part is done separately.
  6. I think that is meant to put on a reel. Copper line for hand lining is usually solid 20 to 22 gauge.
  7. How many sawbellies does each laker in Keuka need to grow better?
  8. Conesus Lake actually contains 139 billion gallons of water not million. I’m not saying there isn’t room for improvement with that plant but these groups make over the top claims and lose credibility.
  9. Glad I’m not the only who noticed how terrible that dock is. Just think the water is higher than normal right now. When we get a low water year it will be completely useless. Only problem is I don’t know any other places to launch up there. I would stick with the south end of canandaigua for the reasons Sk8man mentioned and the fishing has been pretty good down there.
  10. I’d go with Hemlock if you want rainbows. Troll thermocline or slightly below or above. Canadice if you want lakers. Focus on bottom for lakers.
  11. Not sure what invasive specie you mean but I didn’t get anything out of the ordinary
  12. Shore fishing was good yesterday. Was casting for trout but ended up having fun with some nice smallmouth.
  13. I know, I can’t remember the last time I caught a wild lake trout or bow in the Finger Lakes...
  14. Awesome video and thanks for posting. Always hard to explain that method but that video shows it well.
  15. You all make good points but I'm so sick of hearing about all the water quality problems in Keuka. I've been following keuka college water testing for a few years and Im not seeing any sign of all these problems. Maybe I'm misinterpreting it but I don't see a problem. They show the lake having less phosphorus than ever I just think everything is out of whack with so many lake trout. There were real problems when I was a kid in the 1960s when DDT was being dumbed and farming was way less friendly to the environment.
  16. I hear ya. Just not sure how get that. It’s been mostly Lakers in keuka for over 20 years and I’d love to catch more rainbows, Browns and salmon but stocking hasn’t done anything to help that out. People need to keep more lakers but I know I don’t usually keep my limit and doubt many others do either.
  17. I fish keuka a lot. News to me that sawbellies are coming back strong. I've seen 1 sawbelly in the stomachs of about 50 Lakers I've kept in the last year. Also don't see schools of smallmouth going after them anymore either. DEC hasn't stocked Lakers in keuka in years so the lake trout population is natural and out of their control at this point. If you want more silvers tell DEC to raise stocking of salmon and browns in Seneca where bait is crazy high. And restocking the species that just crashed (sawbellies) doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.
  18. Docks are in at the south launch on canandaigua. Last I knew the vine valley launch was blocked off
  19. Hard to tell but I think there are some spots on the adipose fun which says brown trout. I don’t trust the jaw and eye thing. It doesn’t hold true.
  20. If I remember correctly the large lampreys in the lake don’t live that long. They spend a longer time in the streams when they are tiny and that’s why chemicals are used in streams. I could be wrong but that is how I remember it being explained to me by one of the guys treating sterling creek a few years back.
  21. Yes they do run it. Dresden area is a good place to start. Have not been in a while so I don’t know what section are still open to fishing.
  22. I would not be surprised if some Ciscos get caught through the ice. Fairly common in some lakes in Canada. Very tasty also!
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