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So I'm working with an older gentleman  (Physical therapist) and we got to talking fishing.  It's always great when patients have a passion for fishing - talking fishing sure makes the workday fly by:smile:.  He's 89 years old and was  more of a pan fisherman "because that's what we ate, I didn't have time for sport fishing" but he did share with me the story of the first musky he ever saw. 


He was a young boy, he believes around 8 y.o. He was with his dad in a row boat in a bay off of the St. Lawrence. 

"I remember seeing it in the water and as soon as my dad got it in the boat I was out !". 


I thought he was kidding and asked if he jumped out of the boat. He was not. "As soon as that fish came out of the water and into the boat I jumped out". 


I had to ask if he considered there may be more in the water. "I didn't care, that I was right in front of me and that's all I cared about"


:rofl:I was dieing laughing, but the next parts were just as good.


I asked "what did your dad say?"

His dad's response, "I didn't think I raised a pu$$&".  


When his grandfather found out "he started calling me juney. He would say juuuneyyy, junneyyyy"


"Well I had to fight my cousin because he thought it would be funny to start calling me juney too"


"I believe that fish would measure close to 48 inches". I asked how they got it in?

 His dad used the net and grabbed the fish with his hands. 


I can hardly imagine landing a fish that large with tackle from 80 years ago.  He said they had strong line, 20-30# test. I asked what they were fishing for ? 

Catfish !


What did you catch it on ?!?!


Corn and a doughball:-o


I might start dragging a hook with corn and a doughball from now on when I'm casting shore 

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Hahahah..... great story Mike!   Now where can I get me some corn and doughballs... :-P

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