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Cayuga Taughannock 3/19/19

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 Launched out of Taughannock  at 9:45 AM .  Water was a very low but the ramp is in great shape .  Turned north  out of the inlet and trolled the west side from 60 feet of water to 120 feet of water.   Near blank screen and never had a bite for 45 minutes. Sticks on boards and  spoons on  down-riggers.  Turned east and headed towards the power plant.   Picked up a 16 inch rainbow on the way over  with a  jointed Rapala black over silver.    Trolled in front of the power plant for the next few hours.   Lots of fish on the screen.  Picked  up a half a dozen land locked salmon in front of the power plant most of them around 12 inches  all of them on the sticks.   Also picked up seven Lake Trout  in 100 feet of water with the riggers  down 80.   Most of the lake trout were the 2 to 3 pound range but one was a nice solid 8 pounds..   The light breeze that we started with at our launch died  and the water got as smooth as glass.   Great day to be on the water.   Surface water temperature stayed at 36.5°.   Pulled out at 3 PM.  

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